Spring Baby Shower

flower bird baby shower spring centerpiece

Spring and new life go hand in hand. With the buds on the trees and the flowers peeking up through the soil it seems like the whole world is starting to wake up. So when HGTV Gardens asked me to create a Spring Baby Shower table setting the first thing that came into my mind was celebrating new life and the joy of 'nesting'. … [Read more...]

Turning 40 in style…my surprise birthday party!

Surprising me is not easy.  I am suspicious by nature. It's just hard to get one over on me. My friends know this...so imagine my surprise (heheh) when I discovered that instead of going out to a nice quiet dinner for my 40th birthday, that I was to be honored with a fabulously amazing party!! Courtesy of my equally fabulously amazing friends.These are my besties...Robin and Tammi, my girls, my BF's forever and ever... and they were good. really good.  Rumor has it they had been conniving and … [Read more...]