Back to School Party Ideas

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We've taken a vote on something. And since there are only two of us and we both voted 'yes' that means that it's unanimous and our voices MUST be heard. What did we vote on, you ask? Well, we have decided that each state should get to determine when their summer break will take place. For example, in Oregon summer break should be July, August and September instead of June, July and August. Because June is the month where Oregon still can't make up it's mind whether it's Spring or Summer … [Read more...]

Chronicles of Narnia Birthday Party

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At some point over the past year, my son fell in love with Chronicles of Narnia. One day he’ll claim to be Peter Pevensie, the next he begs to officially change his name to Caspian.  I am forever cast as the White Witch and his two sisters willingly play along as Susan & Lucy. When deciding on a theme for his 5th birthday, Narnia was the only option in his mind. His birthday is just days before Halloween so it was the perfect occasion to get into character. … [Read more...]

Hosting a Detective Birthday Party Picnic

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One of my favorite things about having an 8 year old is how her interests and tastes have begun to influence mine.  She’s reading cool classic Nancy Drew books (which I never read as a kid), introducing me to music that I totally love, and her favorite colors inspired a room re-do in our house. She has also developed a pretty clear vision for what she wants in a party and this year’s vision called for a summery picnic with turquoise and yellow decorations, a mystery to solve, and a … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Birthday Party and Being 6…


Do you remember being 6 years old? Do you remember having a vivid imagination and talking to your stuffed animals and just hearing them "talk" back to you? Do you remember rotating out who got to sleep next to you each night because you didn't want anyone to feel left out? Do you remember being 6 in the summertime? Running through the sprinklers and staying up past your bedtime to make the most out of those long, warm summer evenings. Do you remember the thrill of going to get ice cream and … [Read more...]

A Tea Party Birthday


I've been feeling very sentimental lately. Maybe it's because my son turned 10 (sniff...sniff) on Tuesday. Or maybe it's because this is the last week of the school year. Or maybe it's because my youngest has her Kindergarten graduation Thursday night and these next months will pass all to quickly and soon I won't have my little afternoon buddy home with me since she will be heading to first grade in the fall. Sniff...sniff... … [Read more...]

How to Make an 8 Layer Surprise Cake

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Thank you so much for all of your kind words yesterday about my daughter's Super Science Party! I promised I'd be back today to show you just how I managed to make her 8 Layer Surprise Cake and I never go back on a promise. When dreaming up a birthday cake for my daughter’s science party, I stumbled upon a photo of a wedding cake that looked like it was spilling tiny pink nonpareil jewels from the center and showed it to her.  Before I could even think of the logistics of such a cake (or the … [Read more...]

Super Science Party


When my daughter was 4 ½ her greatly anticipated Christmas gift was a pair of plastic safety goggles and a Mind Blowing Science kit.  Fast-forward a year and a half and a few dozen Steve Spangler episodes on youtube and she’s pretty confident that any opportunity is a good one to test the laws of science. Why limit yourself to a beaker and a test tube when you can use an empty bathtub at a friend’s house and a full bottle of shampoo?  All in the name of science!  So it was fitting that we … [Read more...]

Painting Themed Birthday Party

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There is so much about raising a boy that completely mystifies me, but a few basics that I’ve learned so far are that they have a very unique way of channeling creativity, they love to make messes and they love to destroy. In fact our furniture, floors & baseboards have achieved an authentic distressed look thanks to my son's expertise in the above categories. What better way to celebrate that unique creativity and talent for mess-making than at a Painting Party. This party was for my … [Read more...]

A Pioneer Birthday Party

We are so thrilled to have our Regular Contributor, Julie, back with us today here at the Fence!She is so talented and, once again, is sharing fantastic ideas for a special Birthday celebration.You are in for a real treat!Thanks so much for your warm welcome last month!  I have to admit that when I heard that the post was live, I came down with a serious case of stage fright. Your kind & encouraging words helped ease my anxiety and made me so excited to be a part of this wonderful … [Read more...]