Our Best Holiday Recipes

Favorite holiday recipe collection from atthepicketfence.com

Does anyone else find themselves feeling so smug as you get everything checked off your grocery list for upcoming holiday meals only to get home and realize that while you may have the ingredients for a grand meal in a few days, somehow you've managed to make it home from the store without putting anything in your cart for the dinners you are … [Read more...]

Christmas in the Kitchen

Christmas brunch or breakfast tablescape

 "For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when it's mighty Founder was a child Himself."  ~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol This past weekend was one of those weekends that you remember for years to come. Not because anything especially spectacular happened. In fact, it felt so incredibly ordinary. And yet … [Read more...]

Holiday bar cart ideas and a Home Goods giveaway!

How to style a bar cart for the holidays

I'm often asked how I would "define my style."  I've always had a hard time putting my style into words.  I love a little glitz and glamour combined with some fun pops of color all against a white background. Think deer antlers….gilded in gold.   a disco ball propped up against a mirrored tree stand.  A family heirloom made over in electric … [Read more...]

Glittered Egg Place Cards

place setting title

    Easter has snuck up on me this year.  I know that JoAnn’s has already moved on to its patriotic Memorial Day décor, but I’m still putting away stray hearts from February. Throw in spring break, a special 6 year old birthday celebration, and a week long visit from my in-laws and I’ve realized that our Easter will have a much … [Read more...]

Hosting a Holiday Party!

coffee and cookie party At the Picket Fence

I'll never forget the evening, several years ago, when I was racing around the house getting ready for a party we were hosting. I barked orders at my family, did a lot of loud sighing and grumbling and generally made myself and everyone around my crazy as I prepared to welcome our guests. Once the doorbell rang, though, I was all smiles and as … [Read more...]

Apple Picking Recipes…from Tree to Table

Julie Signature

Today we're going apple picking and sharing some great apple picking recipes...as we go from.... From Tree to Table I have a thing for apple trees! Even the tables at our New England fall wedding were each named after apple trees. I’ve been known to tear up when reading The Giving Tree to our kids and our favorite family photos were taken … [Read more...]

Labor Day Gone Dreamin…


*A Post from the PastLabor Day! The last great hurrah of the summer.  One of those days where you plan a cook-out or picnic with friends and family, enjoying the last carefree days of the season before the onslaught of school, football, Thanksgiving, Christmas...all fun but hectic! These types of holidays are always bittersweet for us because while … [Read more...]