Proving Pinterest Video Series…Walnuts fix scratches?

Huh? Don't believe me?Well, take a look at this!Just in case you don't believe that this really works and because it is hard to tell in the video, here are the Before and After photos from my little "Walnut Experiment"!Awesome Possum!!My hubby thought I had finally gone completely over the edge when he came home and I told him I wanted to show him how to fix scratches and then went and pulled out a walnut.But he is now a believer too!Please let me know if you try this for yourself!*This "pin" … [Read more...]

Proving Pinterest Video Series …Picture Hanging Tip!

Welcome to another edition of Proving Pinterest! A video series where we prove if those fabulous ideas, tips and tricks found on Pinterest really work!  On this edition of Proving Pinterest  we put a tip for hanging straight photos and art, with those dreaded double hooks on the first try, to the test!Proving Pinterest Video Series-Picture Hanging TipSo, how many times do you think YOU could say “dreaded double hangers” and not flub it up? Apparently it’s only once for me. A big thanks to … [Read more...]

Proving Pinterest Video Series…Candle Wax and Irons

  Hey there!  Don't mind me while I cringe...but it's time for another installment of: While I don't think either one of us will ever get used to seeing ourselves in action like this (picture us watching through our fingers), we are having a lot of fun with this new series and we hope you are too!  Source: Real Simple Magazine via Pinterest A quick follow up tip: Make sure to wipe down your iron well after cleaning it, to protect your delicate items from any residue from the dryer sheet.Well, … [Read more...]

Proving Pinterest… a new video series At The Picket Fence

The new year brings so many fresh and fun ideas! When were were together this past week our brains kicked into overdrive as we planned, schemed and brainstormed new ideas for At The Picket Fence.We, like many (most...all...) of you are addicted to Pinterest! We have found so many great ideas it sometimes makes our heads spin! But how do you know if all of those amazing tips, tricks and ideas will really work or are worth trying? Welcome to our newest series here At The Picket Fence and to take … [Read more...]