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Hi! I’m Vanessa.

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The…ahem…younger of the 2 sisters of At the Picket Fence.

I currently reside in the Pacific Northwest with my wonderful, best friend of a husband and 2 precious kiddos.

I am a full-time, stay-at-home mom who doesn’t find herself staying home all that much. This role of wife and mother is beyond what I ever hoped for and it was definitely not the easiest one to come by. Now with both kids in school all day I’ve found myself enjoying my new roles as author, speaker and DIY’er.

I adore my extended family and one of my deepest longings would be to have all of us living near each other. We all actually like each other! With everyone in different states we do what we can to stay connected and we definitely make the most of our times together! Blogging has been such a wonderful way for my sister and I to be apart of each other’s lives, even across the miles. We are so excited to be on this journey of life together and to get to share in yours as well!

Hi! I’m Heather.


The…ahem…self admitted oldest of the 2 sisters of At The Picket Fence. Of course they say with age comes wisdom and maturity … at least that’s what I tell myself anyway. grin.

I currently reside in beautiful southern state of Georgia.

I am the mom of two incredible kids. “The Boy” who is a college student and “The Girl” who is 16 going on20. But most importantly I am the wife of my very own southern gentleman “Bama Boy” who won me over with that Alabama still my heart! He is still the love of my life after 19 years.

I am a stay at home mom who has been homeschooling for 10 years and has survived to tell about it! I graduated a homeschooler this year….yes it is possible! I have a passion for writing, blogging, photography but most of all cooking! But my biggest passion is for my Savior and a close second my family! Blogging has provided an avenue for Vanessa and I to connect in ways I never dreamed imaginable…and you get to come along for the ride! Thanks for visiting our little corner of the blogging community. Come join us now…At The Picket Fence!

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