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Hi, I’m Julie, mom to two precious girls and a boy who can charm my socks off.  His daddy can too, which is how I ended up leaving my deep New England roots and putting down new ones on the west coast.  I’m married to the most patient, affirming person I know and I’ve loved watching our children become recipients of those beautiful gifts.

I love parties and celebrating life (give me an occasion or I’ll make one up….just as long as it’s not for me) and as we celebrate the little things in our home, we desire to encourage and affirm the faith of our kids.  More often than not, it’s the other way around, which makes this parenting journey the most humbling and beautiful adventure yet.

I love crafts that are high on style but low on time, budget & skill, food that is simple yet indulgent, and parties where the details speak volumes.

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Hello! My name is Angelina, and I am the a owner, author and blogger ofJoJo & Eloise (formerly known as, Ruby Jean). I am also an extremely blessed wife to an amazing, godly and passionate man as well as a Mother to 6 lovingly sweet and faith filled children.

Under my blog title you will see a tagline that says “Simply Sweet Things” I didn’t realize at the time I wrote that, how much this simple tagline would come to mean to me. Our oldest son was just recently diagnosed with, “Autoimmune Hepatitis” The fear that grips your heart when one of your children is SERIOUSLY sick or injured, is unlike any other.

It causes you also to think of what your real and true priorities in life really are and it grounds and test your Faith like never before. I feel so Blessed to be able to Blog, Craft, Sew and Create but I feel even more Blessed and Joyful about the, “Simply Sweet Things” in life.