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At the Kids Table…For St. Patrick’s Day

It's Confession time once again...Have you ever had one of those ideas that sounds so cute in your head and then when it comes to actually executing it you wonder what on earth you were thinking?And then you have a whole bunch of talented people link up AMAZING creations to a party you co-host with your sister and you start squirming in your seat a little.Because they do things with coffee filters that look like this...This one is from The NesterWhile you and your daughter make things from … [Read more...]

Blogging 101: Quick Tips on Titles, Google Love and Sidebar Links

I know I promised a post this week on Photography Tips but as you can see from my last post on our it's been kinda crazy around our home.  We are in the midst of our DIY kitchen remodel which means my entire kitchen and eating area is now located in my great room...this includes an 8 foot  Ikea farm table!  Would anyone like to come buy it from me? I'll give ya a great deal (shipping not included though.) grin.  On top of the remodel, I have also had a persistent cold for over a week with a … [Read more...]