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Selling our Kentucky Home…step inside our listing!

As you know I shared recently that our family will be relocating to the fabulous southern city of Atlanta! We are sad to be leaving behind our "Old (old being relative here) Kentucky Home" but excited about the new adventures ahead...and heck it's a whole new house to decorate, who doesn't love that?!But first...we gotta get this baby...SOLD! And that's not an easy thing in today's housing market.  You have to get creative and come up with ways to bring those buyers to your door. I decided the … [Read more...]

Cast Iron Skillet Memo Board-Copy Cat Challenge

Copy Cat Cast Iron Skillet Memo BoardI first saw this idea in Southern Living Magazine last yearand I just KNEW I had to do this in my kitchen makeover. I had just the perfect skillet too.  One given to me by my sweet, loving (always treated me just like one of her own)...grandmother-in-love...Bama Boy's Mamaw.I inherited this perfectly seasoned and aged cast iron skillet when she passed away, and it is a true treasure to me.  One I hope to pass down to "the girl" someday. I hated having it … [Read more...]

Romantic Homes Magazine Feature…. At The Picket Fence

Wow! So can I say, first we (Vanessa and I) are probably the last two people on earth who should be keeping “secrets.”  So when the sweet Beth Livesay from Romantic Homes Magazine contacted me in late December informing me that they’d like to feature At The Picket Fence, (really?! our lil ol’ blog!? in their GORGEOUS magazine) along with some photos of my kitchen remodel, it was all we could do not to share with all of you…cause ya know YOU ALL are the first one’s we love to share with! I sent … [Read more...]

The evolution of a powder room…

SourceIt’s amazing how a room (is a bathroom considered a room?)  can evolve over the course of living in a home.  There’s always the room you inherit, which may be a blank slate, or in our case was NOT a blank slate.  Nor our taste. at all.Then, there’s the room you quickly fix up because you’ve just moved and you had to paint EVERY room in your entire house in one week including a magenta room, a navy blue room, a chartreuse green room, a hunter green room and a Sponge Bob bathroom. yes. I do … [Read more...]

Creamy Bell Pepper ‘n’ Tomato Soup

Happy Monday friends! That's not an oxymoron is it? Happy Monday?How about if I help you kick off the week with a fantastic (and easy) recipe?I don't know about you all but I think I'm still feeling slightly twitchy as I come down off of the sugar high that is the holiday season. Can I get an Amen? Ugh... I'm also feeling very rebellious about cooking these days as it seems to be the only thing I have done for the last 2 months. If I never see another cookie again...wait...ummm...I think I just … [Read more...]

Blogger Block Party, Giveaways and my Kitchen Reveal!

I’m so excited to welcome you all to the last party on the Block…let’s celebrate Christmas in our Kitchens!  As many of you know I have been remodeling my kitchen since….whisper…April! yikes! And believe it or not there’s still a few projects I have yet to finish…isn’t that the case with all remodels.   But, I am finally ready to reveal it to the world!…lol  Okay maybe not the world, but to all of you! And, it’s all decked out for Christmas!I thought a few before and after’s might help to fully … [Read more...]

DIY Framed Chalkboard Art

Well…it seems like a long time ago when I entered my dining room in Debra at Common Ground’s Design Challenge.  I took to heart all of the fabulous ideas and suggestions offered by Debra’s readers and have slowly been implementing them between finishing up my kitchen remodel.  I think I might have been juggling too many remodeling balls at one time but I am almost done with all of my current projects. whew! Just in time for the holidays!So, I’m excited to give you a little sneak peek of my … [Read more...]

Kitchen Island Makeover Tutorial

Kitchen Island Makeover as seen in BHG from At The Picket Fence

Update: Here is my completed kitchen remodeled as featured in Better Homes and Gardens! My island is still holding up great and I love it! photo courtesy of BHG As just a little recap. I am in the middle of a major DIY Kitchen Remodel.  It has been a multi-step process over several months and it is….almost….done…. The most recent project that I competed just this past weekend was the transformation of my kitchen island.  Here is a little before and after. (mouse over for … [Read more...]

My kitchen island transformation…Part One


also known as “She’s got legs, she knows how to use them!…” or aka Step 3, 252 in my kitchen remodel…Ahhhh…my dear friends.  You have so generously and graciously put up with me and my almost but not quite reveals of my never ending, will it ever be over kitchen remodel.  When I started this ginormous project in April I truly never realized how long it would take.  See there’s this thing called “life” and it keeps getting in the way.  I am also almost doing this completely on my own, (I love my … [Read more...]

Signs by Andrea Giveaway!

We first met Andrea when she linked up one of her beautiful signs to our Inspiration Friday party.  The second Heather saw it she squealed with delight and quickly headed over to visit Andrea.  Now what kind of sign would get Heather that excited?! Well if you know her at all than you shouldn’t be surprised to see it was this…Of course I had to let Andrea know how much I adored her sign…and you wanna know what this sweet gal did? She sent me that sign! Seriously, I got weepy when I opened it. It … [Read more...]