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Simply Sundays-Inspiring Stories from our Readers

It is no secret that while we adore, and often envy the fabulous projects, crafts and recipes that you all share with us each week; that one of our favorite parts of Inspiration Friday is the beautiful, inspiring and often soul-checking stories that you also link up.We thought it would be a blessing to share each month some of the ones that stood out, challenged or moved us in a special way with all of you!Up first I want to introduce Kelli from More Bang for your Bucks who is challenging her … [Read more...]

“Imparting Grace” for Simply Sundays

We are just so thrilled to have another special guest with us this week for Simply Sunday!The lovely and gracious (pun intended!) Richella from Imparting Grace began as a blogging friend to Vanessa but quickly became a blessing and an encouragement to both girls here at the Fence.Her blog exudes her love for God, her family and her home AND she has recently started a brand new linky party entitled...  Her desire is to provide a place every Monday for bloggers to share from their hearts and lives … [Read more...]

Simply Sundays…Weighing Your Worth

Heather’s post originally appeared on the {in}courage website.  We wanted to share it again in it’s entirety here…we also want to say a big THANK YOU to {in}courage for allowing us to have a small part of such an incredible ministry!They stood in line.Vulnerable. Exposed. Out there for all the world to see…or at least all of Times Square.  One by one they walked up the stairs.  And took that step. Onto the scale. Except, instead of the usual “number of shame”popping up to reveal to them their … [Read more...]

Simply Sundays…Weighing Your Worth

Simply Sundays is a guest of The Incourage Community this weekend.  What is Incourage your ask? "Incourage is a home for the heart's of women."  It's the place that Dayspring (the Christian subsidiary of Hallmark) provides for women to gather together for prayer, laughter, reflection, and of course...{in]couragement!Weighing Your Worth..."They stood in line.Vulnerable. Exposed. Out there for all the world to see…or at least all of Times Square.  One by one they walked up the stairs.  And took … [Read more...]

Simply Sundays….Create In Me A Clean Heart

The other day I was standing in my guest bathroom, looking for fine lines and wrinkles  primping in front of the mirror, when I looked down at the sink and saw it.I had to glance a little closer.  Was that REALLY a ring of grime around the faucet?  Really?! After I had threatened them within an inch of their lives asked so sweetly for them to do a good job on the bathrooms, they still left grime around the faucet?!And then the frustration flooded in."Am I the ONLY ONE around here who can clean … [Read more...]

Imitation is flattery…a kitchen island transformation feature

When they say "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" they couldn't be more right!Last week I got the sweetest email from  Kristi of I Should Be Mopping Up the Floor with a link to her island transformation post and sharing how my island transformation tutorial had inspired them to do their own! She mentioned carrying around her phone with my post on it at Lowe's to show them exactly what supplies they needed and what they wanted to create!Do y'all know how much that made my … [Read more...]

Simply Sunday…Bloggers helping Bloggers

I know I speak for both of us when I say that the best part, hands down, about blogging is the opportunities given to us to connect with other bloggers and to help them when we can in some small way.  I think it's easy to forget that behind every pretty, properly formatted, photo rich, witty, clever and crafty a real person.Someone who is happy or sad. joyful or hurting. healthy or sick.  Someone just like us.  Using blogging to express their creativity, their … [Read more...]

A Legacy of Sighing?

*A Post from the Past*It was a simple request.One I make every day."Go put your shoes and your coat on, grab your backpack and get in the car."As I turned and headed down the hallway to help his little sister with her shoes, I heard it."Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"I don't know the proper word to describe a great big SIGH, but that was the gist of it."Really?" I wanted to say."You are sighing because you have to put your shoes and coaton and grab your backpack and get in the car!"While these words didn't … [Read more...]

Praying for your Kids series…Part 4 and a Guest!

This is the final week of our series:We have spent the last four weeks being encouraged by the words of some very special moms as they have shared their wonderful insights into how prayer has impacted their families.This week we are capping off the series with another very special guest!Kristin of Sweet Country Life has been a lovely friend to us since even before our Picket Fence days. Her blog is filled with charming, honest and sincere snippets from her Sweet Country Life but more than … [Read more...]

Simply Sunday…The path

I made him promise to not go too fast.  I made him promise to stay where it was safe.  Not too high (I’m terrified of pass out and die of fear..afraid of heights) no steep hills, no crazy detours…you get the idea. And he said, “I promise I’ll watch out for you.”  So we headed off.  Out on our four wheeling trip into the desert.We rode slowly as I acclimated to riding again.  He rode ahead and watched for cars coming over the hills when we were on roads.He scanned the horizon for … [Read more...]