How to Make a Branches and Burlap Frame

burlap twig frame

This is totally a 5 minute craft. I mean, for YOU, I'm quite certain this is a 5 minute craft. For ME, on the other hand, this was one of those 'let's take something super simple and make it totally more complicated than it has to be' kind of crafts. But, I promise, in reality this is, in fact, a five minute craft. Okay, maybe 10 minutes, but still, in theory this should be an easy peasy project. … [Read more...]

A Coast By Any Other Name

vacation memory jar

"You know we call it the 'coast' and not the 'beach', right? It was 1996 and my boyfriend was attempting to give me a brief linguistics lesson while we visited his family in Oregon over winter break. He was eager to show me around his hometown and take me for a drive along the 'coast'. I was a Southern California girl and frankly, this slight nuance in terminology was lost on me. Besides, I was in love and not really paying much attention. He could have told me they called it the 'watering … [Read more...]

DIY Patriotic Beverage Stand

4th of July beverage station

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Krazy Glue for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I'm officially declaring this the summer of kids movie theme songs getting stuck in my head. Just when I start to think that I've finally buried them deep enough in the recesses of my mind something will come along and just yank it back out again and I'm fairly certain that 'Let it Go' and 'Everything is Awesome' will haunt me for the rest of my life. And I now have a whole new … [Read more...]

Bandana Rosette 4th of July Shirt

How to make a bandana rosette 4th of July shirt

I have to be completely honest with you. Technically this is supposed to be a 5 Minute Craft. And it totally would have been. Except I received an invitation to a tea party from a little girl who was trying to teach manners to her brother who was pretending to be a cheetah. I don't ask questions. I just GO! Wouldn't you? But, if you didn't have to attend a tea party with a cheetah who kept being reprimanded for burping out loud and not holding up his pinkie finger/paw when … [Read more...]

If Heaven Had a Fragrance

lilacs in bucket

...I'm fairly certain it would smell like lilacs. I think that somewhere along the way the verse in the Bible that said, 'heaven will smell like lilacs' just got lost in translation. But it HAD to have been in there at some point, right? ;-) When I bury my head in the blossoms (which I absolutely MUST do every single time I walk past them), I immediately feel a stirring in my soul. If I knew that I could do it justice I would attempt to describe the aroma. But, I just can't. It's … [Read more...]

Five Minute Party Decorations

5 Minute Party Decorations

Do you ever feel like merely the idea of planning a party sounds exhausting? Parties these days can tend to be over the top  a tad more involved than they used to be. And sometimes that keeps us from actually wanting to host one. But, leave it to our friend Karianne to show how to make fabulous party decorations in only 5 minutes! … [Read more...]

Gift Bag Turned Wall Art

gift bag wall art

Let's talk about trends for a minute. You know you want to! ;-) Has anyone else found themselves in a store recently doing a double take at the styles? I found myself in Target recently...ok...who am I kidding....I find myself in Target multiple times a week but that's neither here nor there...anyhoo...I found myself in Target and stood there in the aisle between clothing and shoes and wondered if perhaps instead of walking through the front door I actually entered a strange vortex where … [Read more...]

Am I Going to Get in Trouble for This?

crayons in fillable lamp

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to draw. She would sit for hours filling up page after page with her creations. She loved to draw so much that she even decided to try her hand at drawing on a variety of surfaces. Like walls, doors and lamp shades. Her mother, who was always so supportive and encouraging of her artistic abilities was strangely less enthusiastic about these additional attempts at creative expression. She experienced quite a few 'time-outs' for her … [Read more...]

How to Paint Glass Bud Vases for Spring


Doesn't that sound LOVELY! To be painted the colors of Spring. Hello everyone, this is Angelina from JoJo and Eloise. Spring is Right around the corner and I couldn't be happier. I am sure some of you wish, Spring was here YESTERDAY!! Spring is my most FAVORITE of ALL Seasons.Everything about it makes me LOVE it. New life, Perfect Temperatures, Family Vacations, Planting Gardens and Beautiful Colors. Just the thought of these things, makes me so HAPPY! So how about we do some simple Spring … [Read more...]