Chocolate and Mint Shamrock Brownies

Chocolate and Mint Shamrock Brownies from At the Picket Fence

  Wedged between Valentine's Day and Easter, sometime's St. Patrick's Day can get a little overlooked in our rush to embrace spring with open arms! But here, At The Picket Fence, we like to take time to celebrate the Luck O' the Irish and what better way than with some Shamrock Brownies! Beyond the Pub Crawls, Green Beer and 4 Leaf Clovers, St. Patrick was a real man, who persevered through insurmountable challenges, and went on to lead an amazing life! These fun Chocolate and … [Read more...]

Decadent Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark

Decadent Valentines Day Chocolate Bark from At The Picket Fence

  What is it about CHOCOLATE that speaks to the soul?  It calls us with it's siren open that bright red heart and bite into those little squares of goodness.  We know our favorites and savor those first, but eventually they will all be consumed down to the last coconut filled truffle. about the call to the pantry, where in desperation we dig out the half used bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips and chase away our blues with handfuls of morsels and a few episodes of … [Read more...]

Chocolate and Pink Salt Dipping Spoons

Chocolate and Himalayan Pink Salt Dipping Spoons from At The Picket Fence

  Chocolate and Salt.  Sweet and Salty. Opposite yet somehow so good together.   Isn't that how it seems to work? Two people who are so opposite can somehow manage to combine to make one great pair! I will be the first to admit that me and my sweetheart are often as different as night and day, yet after 20 years of marriage we are still a great team.  I'm a little sweet...he's a little salty...grin!... but together.... well we're perfect! These Chocolate and Pink Salt Dipping … [Read more...]