Our Best Holiday Recipes

Favorite holiday recipe collection from atthepicketfence.com

Does anyone else find themselves feeling so smug as you get everything checked off your grocery list for upcoming holiday meals only to get home and realize that while you may have the ingredients for a grand meal in a few days, somehow you've managed to make it home from the store without putting anything in your cart for the dinners you are expected to prepare leading up to that day! … [Read more...]

Scripture Wrapped Advent Candles

DIY scripture advent candles from atthepicketfence.com

"At this Christmas when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart? Mark the season of advent by loving and serving others with God's own love and concern." Mother Teresa Growing up,  we never had advent calendars filled with chocolates and prizes. The only countdown we had were these darling paper houses from Hallmark where each door and window opened to reveal a meaningful word about the season. The celebration of Advent in our house was reserved for simple white candles tucked into a tabletop … [Read more...]

A Few of My Favorite Things

unique and creative Christmas gift ideas from atthepicketfence.com

It was time. The children had finally reached an age where I was certain that they were ready to sit down and watch one of the greatest movies of all-time. The fake logs glowed in the fireplace, the lights twinkled on the Christmas tree and the smell of popcorn floated in the air. And as Julie Andrews spun around in circles on the top of a hill, apron flying in the wind and I sat there surrounded by my precious babes, I was quite certain that there was nothing that could top this moment. I … [Read more...]

French Country Christmas Mantel

french country christmas mantel decor atthepicketfence.com

Last week on my regular Monday morning Walmart run, I veered off of my usual course (does everyone else make their grocery list according to the store layout or did I just admit how very OCD I am?) and headed over to the Christmas section where I was promptly introduced to the newest Walmart greeter. … [Read more...]

Christmas Decor Sneak Peek!

Christmas mantel with magnolia garland atthepicketfence.com

I know, I know. I realize it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Honestly, I do. I know that sometimes that wonderful day of thanks gets lost in the shuffle between Halloween and Christmas. I know that we all need to slow down and truly appreciate each holiday as it comes. And I really am thankful and I really do enjoy Thanksgiving. Really! … [Read more...]

Outdoor DIY Marquee Sign for the Holidays! #damagefreeDIY

DIY outdoor holiday marquee sign

Today I, along with the Command Brand, am sharing a super cool outdoor holiday project! I have been so busy getting the INSIDE decorated, that I must confess I had been a little neglectful of the outside! Oh I had thrown some lights in the bushes and hung a wreath on the door, but I had still to create that one fun thing to make our yard stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.  Until I came up with this idea... an outdoor DIY marquee sign! I'm going to show you how you can make one … [Read more...]

A Christmas Tree Made from Cabinet Knobs?

DIY Re-purposed cabinet knobs Christmas tree from atthepicketfence.com

I think most people would be surprised that I have a little rebellious side. I know, I know...shocking! Oh sure, most of the time I fall into the 'play-it-safe' category but sometimes I just want to try something new. Break free a bit. Breaking free looks different for everyone doesn't it? It could be as wild and crazy as jumping off cliffs into huge pools of water when you were in high school and young and stupid (sorry mom!). … [Read more...]

I’ll have a Blue Christmas Tree…

I'll Have A Blue Christmas 1

I remember the first time I heard it.  I was a little girl and my mother was playing her favorite Christmas songs. That sultry smooth, deep voice. "I'll have a blue Christmas without you…"  My mother smiled and told me how she saw him in black and white many, many years ago on the Ed Sullivan show.  She sighed at the sight of him and her father teased her mercilessly and danced around with a broom saying, "Oh Elvis, Elvis…." … [Read more...]

Christmas Home Tour ~ Vanessa’s house

Holiday Housewalk Christmas front door from atthepicketfence.com

Do you want to know something? Virtual Christmas tours for girls who LOVE having people over are very hard. If you were to come knocking on my door I would invite you in, hand you a cup of coffee (or tea or cider or eggnog) in my favorite Christmas mugs and we would plunk ourselves down and have a good long chat. I would ask you about your family and how your shopping was going and where you will be spending Christmas this year. We would laugh together about the cute way our kids spelled … [Read more...]

Monogram Themed Christmas Tree with Balsam Hill

Christmas entry with Balsam Hill tree atthepicketfence.com

Sigh...I love monograms. I can never quite put my finger on what it is about them that makes me so happy. I mean, it's just a letter, right? In the song 'Someone to Watch Over Me' there's a line that says, "I'd like to add his initial to my monogram". And maybe that's part of what I love about them. They're so identifying aren't they? When I got married, that middle letter of my monogram changed, going from an 'R' to an 'H'. And suddenly 'H' was my new favorite letter. … [Read more...]