DIY Gratitude Tree

Gratitude or Thanksgiving Tree from

One morning, while upstairs putting on my makeup, I had the news on in the background and, as always, had my ears tuned to the weather segment. It was finally time for Mr. Al Roker to have his turn and he weaved his weather magic and soon I knew just what the temps would be all over the country. But when it came time to talk about the west … [Read more...]

DIY Wall Plate Rack

plate rack on wall in kitchen

Do you ever have projects that you put off for...oh...say about 5 years? neither! ;-) In our kitchen there is a narrow wall that you pass by on your way to the dining room. Or if you are coming from the dining room you pass it on the way to the kitchen. You get the idea! I like to call it 'The Forgotten Wall'. Just … [Read more...]

IKEA Bed Slats Turned Indoor Shutters


We are so thrilled to be welcoming our friend Candace from Vintage News Junkie here today! She has an awesome project to share with you all and we know you are going to be as inspired by her as we are! … [Read more...]

DIY Painted Cork Board

DIY Painted Cork Board

Why is it that the room we need the most is often the room that we finish decorating last? That has been the case with my home office.  I have all of these grandiose plans for it, yet it still sits full of unpacked boxes and Christmas decorations I can't bring myself to finish packing away.  When Decoart asked me to review their new Americana Decor … [Read more...]

Outdoor DIY Marquee Sign for the Holidays! #damagefreeDIY

DIY outdoor holiday marquee sign

Today I, along with the Command Brand, am sharing a super cool outdoor holiday project! I have been so busy getting the INSIDE decorated, that I must confess I had been a little neglectful of the outside! Oh I had thrown some lights in the bushes and hung a wreath on the door, but I had still to create that one fun thing to make our yard stand out … [Read more...]

Mirrored DIY Christmas Tree Stand

DIY Mirrored Christmas Tree Stand

  Have you ever dreamed up an idea and you just knew you were going to love it....if you could pull it off?  You could see it in your head.  Envisioned exactly what it would look like.   You might have even wondered why no one else had thought of this idea yet, and you smiled to yourself knowing you had come up with a brilliant … [Read more...]

How to Make a Decorative Picket Fence

how to make a picket fence graphic

I realized recently that I have a kind of latent rebellious streak. I've always been a rule-followin'-by-the-book-don't-rock-the-boat kind of gal. But now, for some reason, I want to just toss the "book" into the garbage and wing it! I think I'm getting in touch with my inner Sandy from Grease. ;-) … [Read more...]

House Numbers Pumpkin Topiary

House Numbers Pumpkin Topiary

Have you ever tried to find pumpkins in August? No seriously. This is no easy task.  Don't the pumpkin farmers know that we bloggers and crafters and diyers are ready to get our fall on? Don't they know that people have been pinning fall projects and ideas on Pinterest since July and have now moved on to Christmas? Don't they understand … [Read more...]

Spray painting furniture…fresh look for an old piece

refreshing furniture with spray paint 1

 I didn't think much about it. I would pass it every time I walked in the front door.  It sat nestled in the corner of her foyer.  Fairly unobtrusive in it's light beige-y green color (that my father had painted  for her long ago.)  It wasn't some glorious antique or primitive piece.  Just a simple bookcase. Full of old books and knick knacks … [Read more...]

DIY Mason Jar Dining Caddy and Home Depot Giveaway

DIY Mason Jar Dining Caddy with Scotch Blue

*This Giveaway is now closed* Two giveaways in one week? Why yes!! That's just how much we love our At the Picket Fence friends! Do you love to eat outside in the summertime but hate having to go in and out of the house dragging all of the necessary dining essentials with you? This DIY dining caddy with mason jars is the perfect solution! … [Read more...]