Are you a “Thrifting Diva”?

  Do you love a good "find"? Do you like the thrill of the hunt as you did through piles of discarded items for that one treasure? If you are a thrifter than you totally get what I mean.  That "ah ha!" moment when you discover a diamond on the rough under an old afghan, 3 discarded Christmas wreaths and endless pieces of yellowed … [Read more...]

Summer Design Trends and a Party!

Summer Design Trends

  Are you counting down to Summer like I am?  The days are getting longer, the breezes getting a little warmer and the stores are stocking up with summer wares! For me, one of the best parts of summer is seeing what new trends are on the horizon for the warm months. Color is everywhere for the summer season and emerald is "it!" In fact, … [Read more...]

Your DIY Kitchen Remodel Questions Answered!

Hometalk Facebook Chat (2)

Almost everyday I open my inbox to emails about my kitchen remodel.  It still remains one of the most visited posts on the blog.  I think at one time or another we've all wanted to remodel or update our kitchens.  But with the economy still stagnant and money tight, many don't have the dollars set aside for a professional remodel...on the other … [Read more...]

DIY Coastal Rope Mirror Makeover Challenge

DIY Coastal Rope Mirror from

  I love a good makeover. The kind where the plain girl who's been quietly going through life half hoping no one ever notices her, half hoping that someday will be her day to be transformed and swept off her feet by the handsome football player, or maybe Prince Charming himself! That was kind of like the Stratford Mirror by Wayfair. … [Read more...]

Are you Itching For Spring?

#Itching4Spring HomeTalk and HGTV Twitter Party

  Are your as ready for spring as we are? Are you itchin' to get started on your gardening and spring projects? Do you love HGTV?!?!  If the answer is YES to all three of those questions than be sure to join us this THURSDAY, February 21st at 8 PM EST for the HomeTalk and HGTV Gardens Twitter Party hosted by myself and the fabulous Rhoda … [Read more...]

Hosting a Holiday Party!

coffee and cookie party At the Picket Fence

I'll never forget the evening, several years ago, when I was racing around the house getting ready for a party we were hosting. I barked orders at my family, did a lot of loud sighing and grumbling and generally made myself and everyone around my crazy as I prepared to welcome our guests. Once the doorbell rang, though, I was all smiles and as … [Read more...]

Two Fun Holiday Announcements!

holiday party hometalk hgtv

  Holiday Parties aren't just for "in real life"! We've got TWO fun virtual holiday parties...and we are inviting you to attend! Up first, we invite you to join us TONIGHT for the HomeTalk Holiday Twitter Party...sponsored by none other than HGTV!! Yes you read that right, HGTV will be joining us tonight and sponsoring several amazing … [Read more...]