Simple Winter Decorating Ideas

Simple winter decorating ideas from

I told my husband the other day that my whole goal in getting dressed each day was to wear clothing that feel like I have on sweats but that don't actually look like sweats. Don't get me wrong, the minute I get home I'm eagerly pulling on those glorious elastic waistband pants (come to mama!) and an over-sized sweatshirt that gives a detailed map of all of the paint colors I have ever encountered. But, I've decided that when I'm out in public (for the most part!) I'm going to attempt to … [Read more...]

Winter Terrarium

winter bird scene in bowl

I'm noticing a theme around here.The theme is glass containers with winter-y things stuck inside and some form of faux snow. Although, can only 2 projects be considered a theme? Is a theme like accessories where it's better when grouped together in odd numbers? You see, the other day I shared how to make a Pine Cone Terrarium¬†¬†and today I'm showing this little creation and now I'm wondering if I'm going to have to come up with some other project involving a glass container with winter-y … [Read more...]

Tell Me How You Really Feel About Winter!

winter quote

I feel it my duty to give you fair warning. If you ever decide to do a quick Google search of Winter Quotes so that you can post it on your blog and maybe seem all enlightened and everything, you should know that you may have one of two things happen: A) If you are suffering from the post-holiday, winter blues doldrums you will only have your feelings confirmed as you read quotes with words like "barren" and "dark" and "bleak". B) If you've been feeling just fine and dandy about winter and … [Read more...]